Deductive Explosion

Chiara de Blasio, in the Jesuit tradition.
Sarah Jeong, NYT editor and Pokémon.
Jeong: From racist fantasia to NYT Opinion editor.
George Floyd funeral. Crowning new Marxist royalty.

Systemic Racism

the blm king was gakked out on a lethal drug cocktail when arrested.
Cornel West in the form of ubiquitous and normalized sedition, usually dressed as Col. Sanders at a funeral.
live action version of k12 curriculum.
330k followers on Twitter….

Truth Has a New Master

Marxist dialogue.
Marxist dialogue & the Robespierre Constant (see
First purpose of the Marxist-Leninist struggle session is humiliation. From there, moral colonialism and power…
Ex. A: Years of Marxist indoctrination corrupting public dialogue. Costolo is a former Google exec and Twitter CEO and has 1.5M followers. Yes, it’s real.
Dissenting Opinion is purged, not engaged.

Today the field’s interrogation of identity, power, and privilege go far beyond the category “woman.” Drawing on the feminist scholarship of U.S. and Third World women of color, women’s studies has made the conceptual claims and theoretical practices of intersectionality, which examines how categories of identity (e.g., sexuality, race, class, gender, age, ability, etc.) and structures of inequality are mutually constituted and must continually be understood in relationship to one another, and transnationalism, which focuses on cultures, structures and relationships that are formed as a result of the flows of people and resources across geopolitical borders, foundations of the discipline [Yes, this is actually the entire paragraph, ending on an unpunctuated unsentence. Apparently, grammar is sexist. Also, the bold is in the original because scholarship!]

senior thesis, santa clara university.
Marxist call for revolution coming right through your television. “We’re gonna have to blow up the entire system.” Don Lemon, CNN. Sept 22, 2020. (

Teleological Ouroboros

Constructive Marxist dialogue. A former editor at Soros-funded OpenDemocracy & current contributor to mainstreamish The Independent and Vice. 25k followers.

If … obvious, then why…

Is it ironic if we have to burn Fahrenheit 451?
The canonization of the newest Marxist saint. This ran on Bloomberg, Aug 22 2020.

Deductive Explosion

Given the single false proposition that 1 = 0 :

Prove: I am the Pope.


Given: 1 = 0

Add 1 to both sides.

Thus: 2 = 1.

The set [me, the Pope] has 2 members. But 2 = 1, so this set actually has only 1 member. Therefore, I am the Pope. (Or, the Pope is me.)

Chiara’s arrest record was posted by the NYPD, which begs the question: if she attends grad school, will these credits transfer?



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