Education: Skills without Purpose

The said apprentice his said master faithfully shall serve, his secrets keep, his lawful commands gladly obey, he shall do no damage to his said master nor see it to be done of others without giving notice thereof to his said master, he shall not waste his said master’s goods nor lend them unlawfully to any.

He shall not commit fornication not contract matrimony.

At cards, dice or any unlawful game he shall not play.

He shall not absent himself by day or by night from his said master’s service without leave nor haunt taverns but shall in all things behave himself as a faithful apprentice ought to do toward his said master.

And the said guardian shall find and furnish the said apprentice all the wearing apparel he shall want during his apprenticeship.

And the said master doth hereby covenant and promise to teach or cause the said apprentice to be taught and instructed in the art, trade or calling of clockmaking, silversmithing, and watch repairing so far as his business will admit, and will provide meat, drink, washing, lodging and mending cloths suitable for such an apprentice, and at the expiration of said term dismiss him from the apprenticeship.



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