Star Wars: The New Fire Ritual

Post Star Wars ritual: a graduation ceremony for rudimentary symbolic logic that never progresses.
not pictured: contradiction, need for empathy, symbolic depth
gods & heroes as motion; there is nothing to understand, only something to sense. gods and heroes now slipping from platonic distance to epicurean non-existence.
rothko’s god blob. where is your hero now?


As Lucas admitted, the Star Wars recipe isn’t original. He stripped an ancient narrative structure of its complications, then deployed it to channel the Victorian fetish to classify and label everything while homogenizing difference across a taxonomic label.

oh, here’s your hero. (this shot is more than 20 seconds.)

New Tribalism; Ancient Hatreds

Art had forsaken history — a long-standing subject for art — and had deserted representation; the people and animals and gods had dripped from depictive meaning to vague sensing in Pollock and to vapidity in Warhol. While Taxi Driver and All in the Family and Vietnam and Watergate offered conflicting narratives and characters — anti-heroes and sympathetic evil and impurities in motive — Star Wars bull-dozed over all of that. It was the classic artistic implementation of Campbell’s Hero.

Star Wars dialogue. Perhaps Moore could label Trump the “master of evil,” as Obi-wan labeled Darth Vader.
Disney color codes entire scenes according to the moral taxonomic label. Above are the Disney color codes used in the 1990s (from



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