When Lilacs Last in the Palm Court Bloom’d

Nam Sibyllam quidem Cumis ego ipse oculis meis vidi in ampulla pendere, et cum illi pueri dicerent: “Σίβυλλα τί ϴέλεις”; respondebat illa: “άποϴανεΐν ϴέλω.” For Mac Miller. il miglior fabbro[1]

Any questions about the source of Bennington’s logo? (Seriously, that really is their logo.)
A photo from Rollins.edu. I believe this is their PoliSci curriculum.
Palm Court, the center of New College’s shrinking universe.
I believe this is a photograph from New College’s official independence ceremony. Atropos usually looks like an old hag, but she really got dressed up for this one. She’s excited!
The consultants told you to sloganize “mentoring” “aggressively.”
Oh, but so does everyone else.
New College’s homepage, pitching the “new path” just like their consultants, A+S, told them to… (And yes, the hues of the greens and yellows are striking; other than that, this looks like central casting’s version of an upper middle class suburban protest on a mid-tier sit com.)
Rollins’ homepage. Pathways for all! Quite some distinctive marketing you’ve got there. (I selected Rollins for no other reason than comparing New College and Rollins probably insults them both. It was otherwise a random selection. There are 500 other colleges that have the same marketing.)
According to consultants A+S, New College should emphasize their innovative curriculum and some tethering to “career.” Fortunately for New College, Rollins has a robust supply of ready-to-use marketing copy (this is on their homepage).
Apropos of nothing. Just a lovely moment of clarity from New College faculty minutes.
Sure, such ROI studies can be data-wonky, but this is the kind of information that New College is producing and prospects/students see … <$36k at age 45 and a massive negative ROI. (Source.)