Your Toaster is Talking to Beijing

Wacom’s Experience Program

Roku & Amazon Fire TV

Smart TVs & Doorbells

Northeastern University and Imperial College London analyzed 81 IoT devices including five smart TVs. They tested whether devices transmitted data (audio/video) all the time. The TVs generally didn’t — they activated when you explicitly used the television. However, other devices did record audio and/or video at random times (and, of course, sent those recording to faraway places). For example, one IoT doorbell records video anytime someone is in front of it, and the company does not disclose this or provide user access to the video. Of course, you can’t turn it off, either.

Neurotic Coffee Pots

A group of Princeton and Cal researchers have open sourced their IoT inspector (used in some of their previous research), so if you’re code-inclined, you can horrify yourself. Their motto is “Our smart devices are watching us. It’s time for us to watch them.” If you’re into self-harm them you can read their paper; when you use IoT inspector, it sends reports back to the research, who then publish their findings.


I was hoping the toaster would send my data to Beijing Huaxiay



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